Optimizing the Passenger Journey in Transportation


Optimizing the Passenger Journey

17 Ways to Influence the Passenger Experience

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Take your passenger experience to new heights.

Airport environments are inherently complex. But passengers don’t want this complexity to dampen their increasingly high expectations for quality service and enjoyable experiences. As airports and airlines compete more and more heavily on the basis of the passenger experience, incentives are high to make the journey comfortable and predictable.

It’s important to note that success in managing the passenger’s journey correlates with how the passenger spends time in the airport. And, if done correctly, airlines and airports alike will benefit. According to a JD Edwards study, passengers who are “delighted” with their airport experience spend an average of 45 percent more than do “disappointed” passengers.

This guide offers action steps to help you optimize the passenger journey and create a more enjoyable experience for travelers.

What's inside?

  • INSIGHTS into ways to influence the passenger journey, including managing queues, empowering service agents, and optimizing passenger flow.
  • INFORMATION on different aspects of the passenger journey and how they impact the choices of travelers and the success of airports and airlines alike.
  • SOLUTIONS to optimize the passenger journey and improve the overall experience.

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