Optimizing the Passenger Journey in Transportation

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Transform the
On-Campus Experience

Improve Campus-Wide Queue Management, Safety, and Crowd Control

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Let Students Focus on What Matters.

Colleges and universities increasingly compete on the basis of the student experience. From registering for classes to watching the home football game, students and visitors face a myriad of waiting lines, crowds, and safety issues that have the potential to impact their overall experience in positive or negative ways.

This essential guide equips higher education leaders, managers, operators, and safety professionals with key insights, information, and solutions to create a more enjoyable, efficient, and safe campus experience.

What's inside?

  • Insights into key ways to impact the student experience across the college or university environment.
  • Information about how to better manage queues, crowds, facilities, and overall university operations.
  • Solutions to optimize student satisfaction, safety, and operational efficiency.

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