queue merchandising center


Turning Your Queue into a Profit Center

Transform idle time into a more engaging and profitable experience.

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In-Queue Merchandising

A retailer’s success is largely won or lost at checkout. Yet, in many cases, time spent waiting in line is idle time for customers and a wasted opportunity for the retailer. Merchandising in the queue can turn idle time into a more engaging and profitable experience.

Turning your queue into a profit center is about the products you sell and about the impact your waiting line has on customer satisfaction. Let this be your guide.

You'll learn:

  • Why retailers need to merchandise the queue.
  • Key components of an in-queue merchandising system.
  • How to use analytics to further optimize your front-end plan.
  • How to use in-queue merchandising to maximize the success of self-checkout lines.
  • The pitfalls and best-practices of merchandising in the queue.
  • How to configure and layout the queue to benefit from in-queue merchandising.
  • How to maximize the synergies between electronic queuing systems and in-queue merchandising.